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Daimon Xanthopoulos is born in 1979 in the Netherlands. Started working as a photographer in 2000 after leaving the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In the years that followed he worked mainly on self initiated projects and documentaries with a strong focus on human social issues. These photographic series has been part of many group and solo exhibitions and shown at cultural festivals and screenings. His work is broadcasted and published by leading media, museums, cultural institutes and organizations and recognized with different international awards. As visual storytelling he uses radio/multimedia and also creates films to expand the reach of his stories even further.

His experience in different creative fields like photography, radio, video, editor and publisher made him a frequently asked lecturer and keynote speaker of masterclasses and workshops at venues and universities across Europe, the Baltic, Mediterranean, the United States and China. Creating visual stories with photography and film that create impact or that simply inspire people to look at their surrounding in a new way is his mission. Daimon: ‘Stories have a great power, especially visual stories, they can change our thoughts, influence our moods and inspire people to do good. Making a positive impact on the world through storytelling and together with the organizations I work with is what I strife to do with my work‘.

Daimon is a Global Panasonic LUMIX Brand Ambassador.