Daimon Xanthopoulos is a Dutch born photographer, filmmaker, and creative leader, born in 1979. He started his photography career in 2000 after studying at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. His focus has always been on human and social issues, reflected in his self-initiated projects and documentaries. Daimon’s work has been recognized with international awards, shown in exhibitions and cultural festivals worldwide, as well as published in international newspapers, magazines, and campaigns. In addition to his photography, he consults and leads creativity for international brands to define their company stories and create impactful campaigns. Daimon also gives lectures, masterclasses, and workshops across the world.

In addition to photography, Daimon has worked on film productions as a cinematographer and director, creating impactful award-winning documentaries and storytelling videos. He believes in the power of stories and wants to create the best impact with the right medium, using both photography and film. With his co-founder Stefan Osadzinski, he founded SALIENT FILM, a company specializing in creating impactful independent documentaries and sincere storytelling videos. Their work transcends language barriers and evokes emotion to inspire action, connecting with audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Direct contact for enquiries +316 245 76 239