My Name is Daimon Xanthopoulos (1979) and I create visual storytelling for a wide range of international media, NGO’s and global clients. My work ranges from classic documentary work for magazines and newspapers to complex digital multimedia projects and cinematic films for both TV campaigns and online use. My work is broadcasted and published by leading media brands and organizations and recognized with different awards. What makes my work unique is my visual approach and dedication to create authentic sincere stories. Visual stories using the most effective techniques and channels to reach their audience. With 20 years experience in different creative fields like photography, video, writer, radio and web-storytelling it has given me an unique position in the market as both a creator and in different leadership roles.

As a creative director I work closely with a team of creatives and experts from other fields like an art director, graphic designer, printing house, sound and music composer, text/copy editors (english, dutch, german), web-developer and online publishing specialist. With these professionals we create a number of high quality campaigns both as printed products and for online usage with a worldwide reach and clients from Europe to Japan. 

I’m a frequently asked keynote speaker on photography, storytelling, multimedia, film and I have given hundreds of masterclasses and lectures at schools and universities across Europe, the Baltic, Mediterranean, the United States and Asia. These lectures range from large audiences at international fairs or cultural events to small hands-on workshops providing inspiration, guidance and teach the new generation of creators what visual storytelling techniques they can use to create meaningful stories. 

My documentaries and photographs are part of many exhibitions and cultural festivals and screenings. My latest art project on mythology in Europe has been on display as an exhibition at different locations with more than 60.000 visitors and a number of reviews and publications including NRC newspaper and National Geographic magazine.

Daimon Xanthopoulos is a Global Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador