Contact details:
+31 6 245 76 239

Hello, I’m Daimon Xanthopoulos.

Born in the Netherlands in 1979, my passion for visual storytelling has spanned over two decades, taking me from the heart of Europe to the farthest corners of the world. My work as a photographer and filmmaker has been showcased in esteemed newspapers, magazines, and media channels, with a particular focus on social issues and news. Over the years, I’ve embraced the digital age, producing cross-media, multimedia, and web-specials to amplify the impact of my documentaries.

I’ve had the honor of collaborating with organizations that resonate deeply with my ethos. My association with UNICEF has spanned over 15 years, where I’ve covered diverse situations from wars to natural calamities, always with a focus on children’s narratives. My work with Terre des Hommes took me across continents, highlighting issues like child rights, exploitation, and abuse in countries from Bangladesh to Bolivia.

National Geographic entrusted me with a number of poignant stories like: a deep dive into a hospice in the Netherlands, Celtic tradition in Ireland and an exploration of young war veterans grappling with PTSD. My association with media outlets like Trouw and de Volkskrant has seen my documentaries on diverse subjects, from secret societies in West-Africa to crises in regions like Darfur.

Beyond photography, I’ve been an active voice in the world of photography technologies, penning down my insights for over a decade. My tenure as the editor-in-chief of PF magazine, the leading professional photography magazine in the Netherlands, allowed me to bridge the gap between photographers and the ever-evolving photography industry.

As I continue on this visual journey, I’m currently engrossed in an exhibition project in Europe. I invite you to join me, to see the world through my lens, and to find stories that resonate, inspire, and challenge.

Thank you for being here.

Dutch (Native speaker) / English & Greek (Fluent)

Honors & Awards

  • 2024 Short listed for Athens PhotoFestival with Mythic Echoes
  • 2023 Documentary Film: Requiem for Irena Selected for IDFA Docs for Sale / part of IDFA professional 
  • 2022 De TEGEL Storimans prijs – for film cameraman ‘Waar liggen de grenzen van Europa?’
    2022 Documentary film : Where does Europe End? part of IDFA Docs for Sale Catalog.
  • 2021 Chelsea International Art award, Agora Gallery USA
  • 2016 Finalist for the Artist World Registry Grand, USA
  • 2015 Secret societies of west Africa finalist in LensCulture portrait award.
  • 2015 Secret societies of west Africa at Athens photofestival
  • 2015 Benaki museum exhibition and key-visual at Athens airport
  • 2012 Innovation award at Zilveren Camera awards for the production and quality of his multimedia work
  • 2011 Nominated for the TEGEL in the category best online documentary and radio Roots of Evil
  • 2010 PANL Awards 2010 editorial feature series Chronic malnutrition in Guatemala
  • 2010 Zilveren Camera Awards 2nd Place Canon Innovation Award Detroit, stories from a city in free fall
  • 2009 Pre Selected for the DutchDoc documentary awards Detroit, stories from a city in free fall
  • 2009 Prix Italia 2009 winner of special prize with multimedia documentary Detroit, city in free fall
  • 2008 Journalist for Peace 2008 by Humanistic Peace Council War in Darfur, North Uganda
  • 2007 IPA LUCIES awards feature story The War in Darfur and the water crisis
  • 2007 The Zilveren Camera 2nd Place International News Series Inside Darfur, war in Sudan
  • 2006 Dick Scherpenzeel prize – LRA and the Hidden War of North Uganda
  • 2005 IPA LUCIES 2nd place Editorial Feature Story Hidden War, North Uganda
  • 2005 IPA LUCIES Feature Story Hidden Children, Madagascar
  • 2004 Best European newsphoto 2nd for the Sunday Times Magazine

Exhibitions and Shows

• Mythic Echoes project, Varna, Bulgaria

• Bucharest FotoFest Exhibition with 30 works on Mystic Echoes 
• IDFA film Docs for Sale selection : “Where does Europe End?

• IDFA film Docs for Sale selection : “Where does Europe End?”

• Solo: Sacred Sites – Kerk aan zee solo exhibition, North Holland, NL
• Group: Sacred Sites – Wonderland Kasteel – Castle garden exhibition ISOO, NL

• Solo: Tbilisi Photofestival Screening art project Mystic Echoes, Georgia
• Group: Photokina Fair – Rohingya refugee crisis in the main hall, Köln, DE

• Group: AAF art fair Amsterdam. playing, Sierra Leone, sold to a private collection, NL

• Solo: ‘Mining for Gold’ – Athens Photofestival, The Benaki Museum, Athens, GR

• Group: AAF art fair Amsterdam. playing, Sierra Leone, sold to a private collection, NL

• Solo: ‘Children of Gold – Goldmining in Burkina Faso’ – Public Library, The Hague, NL
• Group: ‘Roots of Evil’ multimedia exposition with installation and prints – Fotofestival Naarden, Naarden, NL

• Group: Detroit ‘Brenda Story’ silver camera exhibit – Fotomuseum – The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘Wereldblijk – Leven in Darfur’ – Noorderparkkamer, Amsterdam, NL
• Solo: ‘Warchild & Amnesty International – Darfur Crisis’ – Filmhuis Uitzending, The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘Why War in Afrika’ – Museum van Volkenkunde, Leiden, NL
• Group: ‘Darfur Crisis’ – Nieuwspoort Presscenter, The Hague, NL
• Group: ‘Darfur Crisis’ – Silver Camera Exhibition – Fotomuseum – The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘Inside Darfur, Sudan’ – Agora Gallery Hellenic Centre for Photography Festival, Athens, GR
• Solo: ‘Inside Darfur, Sudan’ – Main Hall of Canon Europe HQ, Hoofddorp, NL
• Solo: ‘Face of War, Angola’ – Central Library, The Hague, NL
• Solo: ‘War on Ambon, Indonesia’ – Horizon Holland, Waalwijk, NL
• Solo: ‘War on Ambon, Indonesia’ – Oxfam Novib (at twelve different locations in the Netherlands)
• Group: ‘Africa’ – Africa Art Festival, Chicago, USA
• Group: ‘Nowhere to Go – Life Inside the Darfur Conflict’ – Cinema and Justice Festival, The Hague, NL
• Group: ‘The Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony’ – International Noorderlicht Fotofestival – Aakerk – Groningen, NL
• Group: ‘Between Memory & Future – Life Inside the Darfur Region’ – Month of Photography – Erato Gallery – Athens, GR
• Group: ‘Two Evening Screenings about My Darfur Work’ – Photofestival Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan, FR

• Group: ‘Shqipëri – Life in Albania After Communism’ – Hype – Stedelijk Museum Post CS – Amsterdam, NL

• Solo: ‘Children in Conflict Areas’ – Stichting Lancelot – The Peace Festival – The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘The Salalah Hell, Liberia’ – Central Library – The Hague, NL
• Solo: ‘The Salalah Hell, Liberia’ – Haagse Hogeschool – The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘Face of War, Angola’ – Central Library – The Hague, NL

• Solo: ‘War on Ambon, Indonesia’ – Horizon Holland – Waalwijk, NL

• Solo: ‘War on Ambon, Indonesia’ – Oxfam Novib (at twelve different locations in the Netherlands)

Keynotes and Lectures

• International Forum speaker on Photography, Varna, Bulgaria

• Bucharest FotoFest lecture RO
• WEDDCAMP workshop RO

• Fotovakschool, Lecture photography, NL
• LUMIX Academy series webinar, INT

• Hermitage – Lecture photography, NL
• Webinar photography LUMIX S for USA
• Vilnius storytelling workshop, LT
• Storytelling & photography, NL

• Visual Storytelling, CHINA Sanya PRC
• Documentary making, Nijkerk, NL
• Visual Storytelling, Professional Imaging, NL
• Visual Storytelling, HELLAS EXPO, GR
• Filming for photographers, Wiesbaden, D
• Visual Storytelling, Litouwen, LT
• Photo and audio, Sennheiser HQ, Hannover, D
• Storytelling, IBC Amsterdam, NL
• Digital Storytelling tour across 8 cities in Poland, PL

• Workshop new media, Urk, NL
• Workshop audio, Sennheiser, Hannover, D
• Lecture Professional Imaging, Nijkerk, NL (3 sessions)
• Lecture Panasonic Nederland, NL (2 sessions)
• Photo-essay workshop, Photokina, Köln, D (3 sessions)

• Photography and filmmaking with the Faith project lecture, 8 locations in the Netherlands, NL
• photography and film project lecture, PI Nijkerk, NL (3 sessions)

• Fotovakschool Lumni, Amsterdam, NL
• Pakhuis de Zwijger Shoot, Amsterdam, NL

• VROAAM, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, NL
• AEGEE, Utrecht, NL
• UNICEF Nederland, Voorburg, NL
• Fotovakschool Alumni, Amsterdam, NL

• Zilveren Camera Seminar, Fotomuseum, Den Haag, NL
• Radio Nederland Trainings Centre, Hilversum, NL
• Professional Imaging beurs, Nieuwegein, NL
• Villa VPRO Radio 1, Hilversum, NL
• Ivo Niehe Tros TV Show, Hilversum, NL
• Fotolumni, Apeldoorn, NL
• Radio Nederland Trainings Centre, Hilversum, NL

• Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, NL
• Workshop, NL
• UNICEF Nederland, Den Haag, NL
• Radio Nederland Trainings Centre, NTR, Hilversum, NL

• Stichting Lancelot, Den Haag, NL
• NIDF, Haarlem, NL
• UNICEF Nederland, Voorburg, NL
• VPRO Radio 6 ‘bureau buitenland’, Hilversum, NL

• CMD Visual Interface Design, Hogeschool Rotterdam, NL
• Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, NL
• Kunstenaars&CO, Amsterdam, NL
• Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, NL

• NVJ NVF Grote freelancers dag, Amersfoort, NL
• NIDF Lezing, Haarlem, NL
• NVJ magazine interview
• Sanoma Publishers, Hoofddorp, NL
• Centrale Bibliotheek, Den Haag, NL
• Filmhuis, The Hague, NL
• Noorderlicht Festival, Groningen, NL
• Art Tower of Erato Gallery, Athens, GR
• Veranderhuis, Doorn, NL
• Sanoma Publishers, Hoofddorp, NL

• Cultureel Festival Horen Zien en Schrijven, Den Haag, NL
• Grote Bibliotheek Den Haag, Ambon, NL