Mythic Echoes

These photographic works are the result of a journey across Europe. The book delves into the captivating intersection of mythology, spiritual ceremonies, and mystic places, explored through photography. My visual approach explores the beauty present in these places and the imaginative power they still hold. By photographing the places with their ancient myths or spiritual stories I bring them into today’s reality, I ground these places in the present and reveal how they still existing around us.

This photographic series emerged from my curiosity about mystic places within Europe, that we learned about through our cultural myths and tales and a desire to understand why these imaginative stories hold such a strong influence in our current world. Through my photography, I explored beyond the traditions and celebration to search for images that do justice to the mystic quality these places hold. Their stories and these places seem to be part of another world beyond our everyday reality, yet they have the profound power to maintain their influence on culture, beliefs, and give a human like meaning to the elements and natural world.

There are so many different myths with intriguing narratives and all with their own territory and unique places. I set myself to search for the images that are not planned or found through logic but to capture photographs that translate also the emotional of these places. That makes this photographic journey one that is not just about finding places and capturing them but also about finding new ways to express the invisible concept of spirituality through photography. Images that intrigue and visually unveil the lost but magical world from these stories intertwined in our photographable reality.

Publications : National Geographic magazine NL/BE, LUMIX Stories magazine, FOCUS magazine
Exhibitions : Noorderlicht Gallery [Romantisch Landschap Groningen Museum] • Wonderland Kasteeltuin Assemburg • Museum Nacht Amsterdam NDSM • Agora Gallery New York • Sacred Sites at Kunst Aan Zee • Tiblisi Photofestival, Georgia • Bucharest Fotofestival, Romania • Bulgaria 2024

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