Mythic Echoes

My project explores the intersection of myths, spirituality and mystic places through photographing these sacred sites and rituals across Europe. Each image captures not just the physical beauty of these places or rituals but also include photographs that hints at the deeper stories and beliefs that these places embody. My aim is not just to show but also to allow the personal interpretation of the visual works, blurring the lines between what is seen in the images and the unseen meanings behind them. To achieve this I use both realistic and metaphorical perspectives to encourage viewers to explore these ancient narratives, while leaving room for individual belief and imagination. This work is about searching for and capturing the echoes of the mystical that resonate in these historic sites, offering a visual journey that bridges the mythic past with the present reality of these places and rituals. It’s a straightforward exploration of mystic sites, spirituality and mythology through the medium of photography.

Publications : National Geographic magazine NL/BE, LUMIX Stories,
Exhibitions : Noorderlicht Gallery [Romantisch Landschap Groningen Museum] • Wonderland Kasteeltuin • Museum Nacht Amsterdam • Agora Gallery New York • Sacred Sites Kunst Aan Zee • Tiblisi Photofestival, Georgia • Bucharest Fotofestival, Romania • Bulgaria 2024

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