‘Requiem for Irena’ part of IDFA Docs for Sale catalogue

Excited to share that my latest film, ‘Requiem for Irena’, is now featured in this year’s IDFA Docs for Sale 2023-2024 catalogue. The film portrays the last days of Irena, who recounts her incredible life through war, Russian deportation, and her journey as a war hero liberating Europe from Hitler’s grip. Yet, after the war, the West failed to honour their promise to allow her and many like her to return, resulting in their lands, houses, and roots being divided and seized, preventing any hope of homecoming. As her son, a gifted pianist, listens to his mother’s tale, he composes a piece of music as a tribute to her life and to the countless others with parallel histories. As the final notes linger in the air, Irena whispers her last goodbyes to her son, allowing the melodies to carry her memories as she gently drifts into eternity.

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