Mystic Echoes at Bucharest PhotoFest 2023

MYSTIC ECHOES This collection delves into the captivating intersection of mythology and landscape, explored through the lens of photography. I have journeyed to various European sites that are deeply ingrained with myths and legends, seeking to capture the echoes of these tales and their enduring connection to the land and culture.My approach is both artistic and personal, resulting in images that, while rooted in reality, also stir the imagination. This allows the viewer to perceive these ancient traces embedded within the European backdrop. Each work embodies the palpable reality of these meticulously researched locales, leaving room for individual interpretation through my impressionistic approach to photography. In striving to bridge the power of myth with the present, I aim to unveil their timeless influence that continues to resonate in these unique places.


• Oct 6th — 15th Opening at Oct 09, 2023 (5:30 PM) – Oct 09, 2023 (6:30 PM)
• Amzei Market (17 Amzei Market Street) Bucharest Romania


Bucharest Photofest, reaching its 8th edition, is a platform-festival intended to acquaint the public with some of the most important, most up-to-date and most relevant photography landmarks, both local and international. Artist Statement: Mythic Echoes An Artistic Exploration into Timeless Tales In ‘Mythic Echoes’, I embark on a visual journey, weaving together the threads of ancient myths and the tangible essence of real-world settings. This collection delves deep into places that have been touched, molded, and whispered to by legends of old. Each image, captured with an impressionistic lens, resonates with stories that transcend time — from the murmurs of ancient deities to the silent stand of stoic monuments. My intent is not merely to photograph a location but to capture the unseen force, the echo of myths that still lingers there. In inviting viewers to experience this blend of reality and mythology, I aim to spark a renewed appreciation for the enduring power of stories that continue to shape our collective consciousness.

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