Winner De TEGEL Storimans Award 2021

The documentary “Where does Europe end?” wins the dutch TEGEL Storimans Award for best film and camerawork. The film was also nominated in the category Best foreign news report. Do short documentary made together with photographer Eddy van Wessel for newspaper TROUW reveals the lifes of refugees in and on Europes borders. 

From the jury report: ‘A beautiful visual play tells the story of inhuman twilight zones. The collaboration between the creators make it visually and journalistically extra strong. A cross-media production that stands out.’

The documentary that tells the story through the lens of photographer Eddy van Wessel and film director Daimon Xanthopoulos who together bring the viewer into these invisible lives. The systematic illegal deportations, they are witness to abuses inflicted by the border police and speak to a volunteer doctor who secretly helps people at the borders. At night they join a family on the road in the depths of the night across the border and speak to young people who have been living on these shadow roads for years and talk about their dreams. Through images and cinematic storytelling the creatives show these twilight zones of Europe and take the viewer through their images and story into the harrowing and unseen lives of these people.

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