Between Identity and Enduring Traditions

In the heart of Eastern Europe, where the Danube kisses the Black Sea, lies a land of myths and legends, of ancient traditions and modern aspirations. Romania, a country of contrasts, where the past and present dance in a timeless embrace. Through the lens of my camera, I embarked on a journey to capture the essence of this nation, where the old and new coexist in a delicate balance.


The Sânziană festivities, held during the summer solstice, are a testament to Romania’s deep-rooted traditions. As the sun sets, young women dressed in white gowns with golden crowns of wheat and wildflowers dance in circles, celebrating love, fertility, and the magic of midsummer. The air is thick with the scent of flowers and the melodies of ancient songs, echoing tales of love and longing.

But Romania’s magic isn’t just confined to its festivals. The sacred mountains, standing tall and proud, have witnessed centuries of history. They’ve seen Dacian warriors defend their lands, and they’ve watched over shepherds and their flocks through countless seasons. These mountains, with their mist-covered peaks, hold stories of deities and spirits, of battles and peace.

The mystic forests, with their towering trees and dappled sunlight, are a haven for those seeking solace. Every rustling leaf, every chirping bird, seems to whisper tales from a time long gone. And within these woods, mythical caves hide secrets of the underworld, of creatures and legends that have shaped the psyche of the Romanian people.

In the Danube Delta, the Russian Lipoveni fishing community, with their distinct culture and traditions, live in harmony with nature. Their stilted houses, painted in vibrant hues, reflect in the serene waters, creating a dreamscape that seems untouched by time. Their songs, stories, and customs are a testament to the resilience of a community that has preserved its identity against all odds.


Further north, in the mountainous region of Maramureș, the colorful traditions come alive. Wooden churches with their pointed steeples reach for the skies, while locals, dressed in traditional attire, celebrate life with music, dance, and age-old rituals. Here, the beauty is raw, untamed, and deeply rooted in respect for one’s heritage.

Yet, amidst this tapestry of traditions, Romania is also a country in transition. The urban landscapes tell a story of modernization, of a nation striving for progress without forsaking its past. Glass and steel structures stand alongside historic buildings, and the hum of modern life intertwines with the melodies of folklore.

This journey, through regions steeped in lore and landscapes brimming with beauty, has been a revelation. Romania is a land where two worlds coexist – one of ancient customs and another of contemporary aspirations. Through the faces of its people and the soul of its lands, Romania has shared with me a tale of resilience, pride, and timeless beauty. And as I look back at the images captured, I realize that this story is not just of a country and its people, but of humanity’s eternal dance between the past and the present.