Odessa Street Children

“Meanwhile in Odessa” is a captivating online docu-series that premiered in 2012, just months before the European Football Championship in Ukraine. The show follows the lives of five street children in Odessa, Ukraine, who represent the roughly 100,000 homeless youth in the country. Over the course of three years, the children share their own stories, revealing the daily struggles they face and the hopes they cling to.

In addition to the five young protagonists, the documentary also features Ina Nik, a vital member of the staff at The Way Home, a shelter for homeless children. Ina is a trusted confidante for the children, and her work with them offers a glimpse into the efforts being made to address the crisis of street children in Ukraine.

The series provides an intimate look at the lives of Anton and Andrej, two boys who are taken in by The Way Home and attend school from there. Meanwhile, Oleg, Andrej, and Vlad wander the streets day and night, occasionally seeking refuge at The Way Home.

“Meanwhile in Odessa” is a powerful, eye-opening series that sheds light on the struggles of street children in Ukraine. It provides a platform for these children to share their stories and serves as a call to action for those who wish to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable youth.

Oleq, is na de dood van zijn moeder een straatkind geworden en wordt geholpen na een zelfmoord poging. Oleq zit momenteel vast in de gevangenis.