This powerful photo series and multimedia video sheds light on the hidden slaves of Bangladesh – the child domestic workers who are trapped in a world of exploitation and oppression, working behind closed doors as slaves. The reportage provides a glimpse into the emotional and lived experiences of these children, and tells the story of one young girl named Tanja who shares her journey of survival and resilience. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has taken steps to address this hidden form of slavery and provide opportunities for children through various projects. The story was originally published by de Volkskrant, a leading Dutch newspaper, and has since reached millions of people online through the accompanying video. This video was created to expand the visibility of this issue and continues to have a positive impact for children like Tanja.

Child domestic workers like Tanja are often subjected to the most hidden form of slavery, as everything takes place indoors in private homes and the problem is often not recognized by the government or there is no clear law to protect these children. This photo series and video provide a powerful and poignant look into the lives of these hidden slaves, and offer a call to action for all of us to work towards a world where all children can live with dignity and freedom.

Published by

• De Volkskrant & De Standaard and Youtube

Story of Tanja – child domestic labour

de volkskrant 03 november 2011
de morgen 05-11-2011
de volkskrant 05-01-2012

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