Detroit, stories from a city in free fall

“Detroit: A City in Free Fall” is a powerful photo essay that depicts the devastating impact of the economic crisis on the people of Detroit. This city, once known for its thriving automobile industry, has now become a symbol of urban decay, with half its population gone, poverty and unemployment rates skyrocketing, and a bankrupt government unable to address the needs of its citizens. Through the lens of the photo essay, we see the human face of this tragedy. We hear the stories of everyday people like Brenda, who are being forced to leave their homes and struggle to make ends meet. We witness the bleak emptiness of neighborhoods that have been abandoned, with empty and burned-down houses standing as a testament to the hopelessness of the situation. Despite all this, there is a glimmer of hope. The words of President Obama have given new hope to the people of Detroit, and local initiatives are starting to take shape, offering a ray of light in an otherwise dark landscape.

The photo essay has been widely recognized for its impact, winning several awards and being featured in numerous media outlets. From the Prix Italia Special prize for documentary impacting social change to the Zilveren Camera Awards 2nd Place Canon Innovation Award, “Detroit: A City in Free Fall” has received widespread acclaim. It has also been pre-selected for the DutchDoc documentary awards and has been featured on VRPO radio and Veronica TV. In conclusion, “Detroit: A City in Free Fall” is a poignant and powerful work of photojournalism that offers a glimpse into the lives of the people of Detroit and their struggles in the face of a devastating crisis. It is a powerful reminder of the human cost of economic downturns and the need for action to address the needs of those affected.

• Published by Nieuwe REVU, OPZIJ magazine, Dagblad Trouw, VPRO radio, Detroit news, Veronica TV (eyeworks).

• AWARDS : Prix Italia Special prize for documentary impacting social change + 2nd Zilveren camera multimedia + DutchDoc