Sudan, a journey Through Life and War

The photo-documentary is a visual journey that captures the complexity and contradictions of a region plagued by war and conflict. The photographer has traveled for months to North Darfur, West Darfur, and South Sudan to document the daily lives of the people trapped in this war-torn region. Despite the extreme living conditions, with scarce resources and constant fighting amongst tribes, the people of Darfur remain strong and proud, living their lives far from the spotlight of the world.

The images captured in this project are vivid and colorful, a testament to the beauty and resilience of the people and the land they call home. The people of Darfur are depicted as proud and dignified, despite their difficult living conditions. The colors of their clothes, the patterns of their homes, and the vibrant markets all add to the story of a people who, despite the war and conflict, are determined to maintain their way of life.

The war in Darfur is a complex and ongoing conflict that has claimed countless lives and left the region in turmoil. The conflict started as a local fight between African farmers and Arab tribes, but it has since become an international crisis, with violence erupting at any moment, taking the lives of many more innocent Darfurians. The project “Darfur Between Life and War” offers a glimpse into the lives of these people and their struggle to survive in the face of war and conflict. It is a reminder of the human toll of war, and the courage and resilience of those who live through it.

  • Published by : Guardian / OnzeWereld magazine / Figaro / Newspaper Trouw / GEO magazine / UNICEF / VPRO / UNICEF
  • Exhibition : Athens fotofestival / Perpignan fotofestival / nowhere to go, the Hague / Africa festival, chicago USA
  • Awards : 2nd IPA Lucie feature award / Zilveren camera, 2nd best foreign news series