The last journey – a passion for steam

Retirement couldn’t stop the passion for trains of a group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to preserving historic steam trains at the Corus Stoom IJmuiden. This photo series offers a glimpse into their world, capturing the camaraderie, hard work, and love they have for the trains.

The photographs showcase the intricate maintenance work that goes into keeping the trains running, and the pride the conductors take as they guide visitors through the steel industry landscape. The series highlights the importance these individuals place on preserving the heritage of these magnificent machines and passing down their passion to future generations.

Through the lens of the photographer, we see the spirit of the group and the lengths they go to ensure the trains continue to run, and the joy they bring to visitors who come to see the trains in action. This is a story of a community of people who are dedicated to preserving a piece of history and sharing their love for trains with the world.

The photographs in “Preserving the Passion” are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the desire to keep history alive for future generations to enjoy. They show the love, passion, and dedication of the train keepers of Corus Stoom IJmuiden and their unwavering commitment to preserving the past for future generations.

– Published by Newspaper Trouw

– The film is created in 2014 on the Leica M with M-lenses in cooperation with Transcontinenta.

gepubliceerd in Trouw 13-01-2007