A War’s Shelter, The Masonic Temple of Monrovia

“Refugees in War: A Photodocumentary inside the Masonic Temple of Monrovia”

This photodocumentary project aims to provide an intimate look at the daily lives of refugees during war time, specifically focusing on a family of a mother and her children sheltering in the Masonic Temple of Monrovia during the peak of the Liberian war. Through a series of photographs, the project aims to humanize the refugee experience and highlight the common values and activities that bind us all together, such as caring for loved ones, reading, and making dinner, even in the midst of war and turmoil.

The Masonic Temple of Monrovia served as a sanctuary for many families fleeing the violence of the Liberian war. The temple offered a sense of safety and community for those who had lost everything, including their homes and loved ones. The photographs in this project capture the resilience and determination of the refugees as they navigated the challenges of war and displacement. The images show the mother and her children participating in daily activities such as cooking, reading, and playing together, despite the constant threat of violence outside their temporary home.

Through these photographs, the project aims to challenge the common stereotypes and misconceptions about refugees, and instead, showcase their humanity and shared values. The project hopes to spark empathy and understanding for the refugee experience, and remind us of our shared humanity in the face of war and adversity.

The project was shot in Monrovia, Liberia and was made possible by the support and assistance of the people at the Masonic Temple of Monrovia and the refugees who opened their homes and lives to the photographer. The Photodocumentary was made with the intention of showing the human side of the people who are affected by war and are forced to flee their homes in search of safety and security.