Silence after decades of war

After 27 years of war in Angola it came to a stand in 2002 and with it’s borders just opening I visited the country in a deep state of emergency. The war had left deep scars on society but most of all on food supplies. Every minute a child in Angola died due to hunger and malnourishment was seen everywhere. One of the hardest hit areas was Quito also locally known as the sarajevo of Africa as bullet holes decorated every house and corner of the city. My purpose of the photo-essay was to capture and show what was happening in the county and the human condition to support any aid efforts.

This was one of my first photo-essays I made and has hugely influenced my decision to dedicate my life and work as a photographer to create impact with my images and stories. One of the things I remember most was the small graves of children who died due to the lack of food and how children would only whisper when talking as they learned during the war to keep silence not to be found or shot. With my camera I captured not only the sad and heart breaking conditions but also wanted to show the resilience of these children who wanted to make the best of it now.

  • Angola
  • Published by UNITED NATIONS
  • exhibited at International peace festival the Hague