These works result from a quest for tangible traces of magic and ancient beliefs in the West. In the past, I photographed manifestations of traditional beliefs in Africa and discovered similarities to our own festivals and rituals, which themselves often stem from myths, natural beliefs and folklore. The places or sacred sites in these stories have been used for centuries on days linked to the solstices and lunar phases. Ancient historical sites are firmly rooted in the landscape, their rituals interwoven in our contemporary society, through stories, poems, art and music and they are still celebrated through rituals and traditions. 

Landscapes, rivers, caves, forest or mountain peaks: the feelings evoked by these locations and the rituals staged there are what makes them so special and what I attempted to portray in my series of work. How a myth influences our experience of the place and makes these sites sacred is fascinating. Myths can elicit our mind, they feed our imagination and provide a guide to and an understanding of the wonders and magic around us,  whether consciously or unconsciously, creating a deep connection to the elements of the natural world. Abstraction is one of the narrative tools I employ, but not just for the sake of creating images with artistic value. It is an abstraction that creates room for our own interpretation, allowing the mythical creatures to emerge in a magical way.

This methodology has helped me to visualize a sense of the spirit of each site and share my experience of these places using  photography not just to describe things and situations but also to reflect an emotional experience. Those of us who wish to travel further along this path will realise that spirituality is still inextricably interwoven with, nature and our daily lives, through myths and faith. It is intrinsic to our cultural and physical landscape. All we have to do is search for and connect with it.

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