Where does Europe end?

At Europe’s borders, thousands of Afghan refugees are living in difficult conditions. They want to apply for asylum in Europe but get caught in a web of violence, exploitation and are systematically deported by European police forces. a Dutch doctor who secretly helps people and a Bosnian English teacher who assists people with her local initiative, but they also join a family on the road in the depths of the night across the border and speak to young people who have been living on the road for years and talk about their dreams. The project is a collaboration between the documentary director and photographer to capture the stories of these people.They travel to these twilight zones of Europe and take the viewer through their images and story into the harrowing and unseen lives of these people.

• PUBLICATIONS Trouw national daily paper – • LFI Leica Fotografie International magazine

• AWARDS Winnaar TEGEL Storimans 2022: Daimon Xanthopoulos (DE TEGEL Storimans prijs is een belangrijke Nederlandse prijs voor excellent journalistiek camerawerk)